About Ace Welding Supply

Founded in 1947, Ace Welding Supply is a family-owned business located in Wixom, MI. We offer a comprehensive inventory of welding supplies and specialize in on-site repair services for regulators and torches with quick turnaround times.

Our services include torch repair, regulator repair, and a variety of refill and exchange services for cylinders. Count on Ace Welding Supply to meet all your welding needs efficiently and reliably.

Torch Repaired After

At Ace Welding Supply Inc., we take pride in being the leading gas apparatus service facility in Michigan. With over 25 years of experience, our dedicated team of professionals has the expertise to rebuild and repair a wide range of regulators and torches.

We can handle a large volume of work, servicing over 350 regulators and torches each month. Our reputation has made us a trusted partner for welding distributors across the United States, as well as end users from various industries, including shipyards, scrap yards, and individual customers.

When you choose Ace Welding Supply, Inc., you can expect top-notch service and quality. Our skilled technicians meticulously rebuild all equipment entrusted to us. Every regulator undergoes a comprehensive rebuild process, which includes the replacement of all soft parts such as seals, o-rings, gaskets, and seats. Additionally, we install a brand-new inlet connection on each regulator and a fresh tip nut on every cutting torch.

To further demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide a generous 90-day warranty on all our rebuilds. This warranty ensures that you can rely on the durability and performance of the equipment we service.

Whether you are a welding distributor or an end user in need of torch and regulator repair or rebuild services, Ace Welding Supply Inc. is your go-to provider. Benefit from our extensive experience, exceptional service, and the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive warranty.